Julie is incredibly professional and passionate about a project from concept to execution of a shoot.
Extremely organised with short list, she’s awesome at building a relationship with the model to get the best out of their performance resulting in shots that exceeded expectations. Absolute pleasure working with you.

Karen Hopwood

Make Up Artist and Hair, Karen Hopwood

Capture the essence of the moment is very different from capturing an image. This is what differentiates a photographer from an image printer. It is even more difficult when speed is required – like in horse riding – there, instinct and talent prevails to any technic. There are few photographers in the world and I believe you are one of them.

Karin de Sousa Nobre

General director, Advisory and Turnaround

Working with Julie has been a pleasure and an honor. In addition to being a professional it is a great person and very determined. All the times I’ve worked with her I had fun and I enjoyed. I can not wait to work again with her, to share our passions and work in a fun and dynamic way. I wish you great success in both your personal and professional life. Warm greetings!!!!

Paula Salort Ortiz

Professional Fashion Model, Model Management Milano

Excellent professional photographer, very creative artist

Josep Roy

Sculptor and professor of the department of sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona

I had the opportunity to work with Julie and I must say she’s amazingly talented but very calm and organised as well. She’s the kind of person that very easily understands the direction of a shooting and comes with lots of ideas all along.

Ioana Oprea

Make Up Artist, Ioana Oprea Studio

Julie is a very organized and professional photographer who brings out the best in her team to get the best images possible! She is all about team work, very open minded, and knows exactly what she wants. This results in effective shooting where everything goes smooth, great team spirit and fantastic images! It was a pleasure working with Julie. I had so much fun and I look forward to next time!

Regine Lønning

Makeup Artist and Instructor

Julie has a constant struggle with herself to perfectly capture the idea that is on its head for the shoot – and get it!
Working with her is easy and always has a smile. Highly recommended

Jaume Polo

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist - Educator

Julie Annabelle Schimel has a vision and talent for creative and fashion photography. I have been working in different sectors of fashion almost 20 years and I understand perfectly how this industry works, and the result of the work we have done together has always loved. Julie has talent that is much more important than the mastery of a technique.

Angel Pérez

Fashion Stylist

It has always been a pleasure for me to work with Julie. She has all the best qualities that a successful professional photographer can have. In her, I found an infinite creativity that fascinates me and motivates me. The satisfaction of the best result in each photoshoot. Fantastic. Thank you Julie for all the good that you have brought me as a professional and friend.

Sara de Antonio

International Model

When you work with a photographer you usually need a person who has technical and artistic skills. But sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes you need also someone who wants to go beyond her limits, to improve herself on each work, and there’s where Julie comes in, always with a smile, always trying to go beyond the “it’s ok, it’s good”. That, nowadays, is something very needed.

Miguel Angel Font Bisier

Spanish filmmaker, Director General en Miguel Ángel Font Bisier - filmmaker

I am a visual artist. I met Julie in February 2012 during an artist residency in ifitri, Morocco. This encounter was crucial for the rest of my work and has allowed us to come together around common desires of interventions in space. This was achieved by an exhibition in Oujda in July – always in Morocco – where we were working around the idea of world and different cultures cooperation.

Dalila Alaoui

Enseignante couleurs DNAP, Ecole d'Arts de Rueil-Malmaison

Julie is a great professional with very good business vision. She knows how to solve problems with intelligence and flexibility that may arise in the course of any project. With leadership skills, she’s also strong, cares, understand and knows how to gain the trust of those who are fortunate enough to match the development of her profession. Creative, always ready to work and to meet the concerns of their peers. She promotes a relaxed and efficient work environment.

Carlos García de las Heras Faus